1909 - The Story of Harry Edmonds

Harry Edmonds, has a chance encounter with a young Chinese student. Edmond’s casual “Good Morning” on the steps of Colombia University’s library provoke the startled response “I’ve been in New York for three weeks and you’re the first person who has spoken to me.”

1924 - IH New York

Convinced that more needed to be done, Edmonds has a meeting with John D. Rockefeller, Jr where he secrues a $3,000,000 gift to build the first IH in Manhattan, NYC.

December 1951 - The Colombo Plan

The ‘Colombo Plan’, a series of aid arrangements between anti-communist governments across Asia was brought into effect.

October 1954 - IH Brisbane

Professor Frank White, Foundation Professor of Mining Engineering at UQ, floats to the idea of an IH in Brisbane.

Late 1950s - The Original Design

The Council approached architectural firm Fulton, Collins and Partners (now known as Fulton Trotter) who began planning IH’s buildings.

July 1962 - Miss International

Public relations expert Everald Compton was appointed IH fundraiser, leading to the launch of successful overseas fundraising initiatives such as the ‘Miss International’ pageant which raised over £600 for the IH Building Appeal.

March 1964 - Construction Starts

After a public tender, the firm Civil and Civic begins construction on IH's iconic towers

December 1964 - Foundation Warden

Mr Ivor Morris Bridson Cribb is appointed Foundation Warden, taking up duties in February the following year.

June 1965 - Officially Open

IH’s official opening by then-Minister for Education (and future Prime Minister) John Gorton occurs.

1965 - Kanyana

The first issue of IH’s annual magazine was published entitled International. The publication evolved into Kanyana in 1967 ‘which is the Aboriginal word for Meeting Place’.

July 1976 - Peace & Understanding

First public lecture held on the prescient topic of ‘Australia and Asia’ that has evolved into the Peace and Understanding Lecture, held at IH on a regular basis.

June 1968 - Soirée

The First Soirée - a multicultural fair and an IH tradition - is held.

February 1969 - G Tower

G Tower opens, housing some 53 female residents, rounding out IH's 151 foundation residents. IH is only the 2nd UQ College to accept women.

January 1974 - IH Floods

The Australia Day floods extensively damage IH

1980 - Jen

The first edition of 'Jen" meaning 'the ideal relationship between people in terms of goodness, love and benevolence' is published.

1986 - Change

Foundation President of the Board of Governors, Bert Martin, retires. He is replaced by John Boyd who was a foundation resident from 1965-68.

1987 - Arrival of the Holms

Dr Neil and Margaret Holm take on the positions of Warden and Director of Studies respectively. The position of Warden is soon changed to that of Director.

1988 - Goodbye Parapets

With the end of the 1980's, new rules came into effect including the end of Parapet Parties, elaborate cross-tower water fights and stricter rules governing Cellar Club.

1992 - Integrated Era

The 'integrated era' begins with A and D Towers housing an equal split of male and female residents, which was rolled out across all towers in subsequent years.

1996 - Expansion

A decision is made to expand IH's capacity with the addition of H, I, J and K Towers. Fulton Trotter are, once again, the architects.

1999 - End of the Holm Era

Dr Neil and Margaret Holm depart IH and are replaced by Deputy Director Dr David Pear

1999 - ICC Bandfest

The first iCC Bandfest, organised by IH, is held on IH Grounds. The event becomes a mainstay on the annual calendar as an avenue to showcase musical talent through a 'Battle of the Bands' type competition between all ten colleges.

1999 - Pauly's Challenge

The inaugural Pauly's Challenge is held during O Week - Participants stay up all night and are rewarded with a sunrise breakfast at the top of Mount Coot-tha.

2001/02 - Goodbye Cellar

2001 - The end of an era occurs as Cellar is closed and last drinks are called by the Cellar Master. David Pear also resigns his directorship and is succeeded by Geoffrey Andrews.

2003 - Welcome Carla

After a lengthy selection process, Dr Carla Tromans - the first female director of a co-educational college, is selected as the replacement for Dr George Watt

2005 - Housie

The term 'Housie' is coined by Dr Tromans and immediately sticks as a term of endearment for residents past, present and future.

2005 - IH Turns 40

IH celebrates it's 40th Anniversary and a new tradition is born with the inaugural IH Great Debate between alumni and residents held to celebrate IH's intellectual capability and increase the relationship between alumni and residents.

2006 - Car Rally

The last IH Car Rally is held. A scavenger hunt in cars around Brisbane to encourage inter-college competition and orienteering.

2007 - We Are The Champions

IH wins ICC Bandfest for the first time.

Welcome Back Bandfest!

ICC Bandfest returns to IH Grounds and is now held annually in the car park between J and K Towers.

2008 - Projects for Peace

The inaugural Projects for Peace is conducted in the form of a camp for migrant and refugee students from Milpera State High School.

2009 - Renovations

Renovations are undertaken to modernise the administration block and extend the walkway and conference facilities available with the development of I-Plaza and I-House

2009 - Tabiat Selasa

Tabiat Selasa - Tuesday's Rituals - is introduced as a way of celebrating weekly cross-cultural activities with a focus on non-alcoholic events.

2010 - Fresher Dance

IHSC introduces a new tradition of a Fresher Dance being taught during O Week and performed on Market Day at UQ.

2010 - IH Fellows

The IH Foundation introduces a new position for the College - IH Fellows which honours ongoing, sustained service to IH. Fellows invested include: John Boyd, Graham Thomson, Trevor Allingham, Graham McHugh, Des Martin and Bill McMillan

2011 - IH Floods

IH is once again devastated by floods on January 11. Some $1.6million in damages is recorded. The College is closed for Semester 1 with residents working hard to foster and maintain the IH spirit whilst living off campus.

2012 - IHWW

IH Brisbane hosts the second IH Worldwide (IHWW) conference with Dr Carla Tromans as President.

2012 - Mad Hatter's

The first Mad Hatter's Tea Party is held as part of the College's initiative to include more non-alcoholic events in the social calendar.

2012 - IYLC

The fourth Projects for Peace initiative is held in the form of an Indigenous Youth Leadership Camp (IYLC).

2013 - Jarrah Young Scholarship

The inaugural Jarrah Young Scholarship is given out to Soe San Htike (Pipi) in memory of alumnus Jarrah Young (2003-04)

2014 - Green Power

72 solar panels are installed at IH, making it the first UQ College to be partly powered by green energy. An additional 92 panels were added in 2015 bringing the total to 164.

2014 - Colleges' UQ Award

International House wins the inaugural Colleges' UQ Alumnus Award which is awarded to Malcolm Snow (1975-77)

2015 - Golden Anniversary

IH celebrates its Golden Anniversary with a year of commemorative events which is launched at the start of Semester 1.