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International House has an extensive cross-cultural program managed collaboratively by IH administration and our Student Club. We have residents from all parts of the world, creating a rich cultural environment.

Our cross-cultural program provides a variety of free events and activities for residents to participate in.

For example:

  • Foreign Language Conversational Classes (Japanese, French, Mandarin, Spanish, Korean & more)
  • Tabiat Selasa” meaning Tuesday’s habitual, can take the form of event style workshops or lectures. Sessions have included activities such as fencing, beer tasting, international board games, Aussie beer/damper night, break dancing & vegetarian cooking classes
  • Festival celebrations such as Annual Mid-Autumn Festival & Tanabata Omatzuri
  • I-Feast, a cooking competition between teams with native dishes from different countries &
  • Soirée, our unique annual international food, beverage & entertainment event

The IH Student Club creates enjoyable and sociable activities for residents to participate in.

Student Club is also an avenue for residents to voice their ideas of what college life should be like and discover their true potential through participation and leadership.

Organised by the Inter-College Council (ICC), sporting events are an important aspect of college life and allows residents to represent their college, going head to head with the other 9 colleges at UQ.

Residents can participate in a number of team challenges through a variety of sports during the year including Soccer, Table Tennis, Rowing, Swimming, Badminton, Water Polo and Volleyball, just to name a few.

There are many ways residents can take advantage of leadership opportunities while living at International House. These include formally elected positions within the International House Student Club (IHSC), supporting other residents as academic tutors, becoming Senior Residents (undergrads only), community service initiatives and participating in any one of our social and cultural events.

An Academic Support Program is provided to all International House Residents to assist them in reaching their full potential in their university studies.

The Deputy Director provides academic counselling and arranges free tutorials in courses that have traditionally proved difficult or unusually challenging. Support may also be available in the form of study groups, workshops, informative literature, plus one-on-one assistance in areas such as editing and proofreading and personal mentoring.

Each semester, an academic student review is undertaken to identify residents who need additional support, but also to recognise those who are performing at a high standard. In addition to the Academic Support Program, we also provide residents with well-equipped study facilities and learning resources.

life-pcAt IH, we offer a Pastoral Care Program where residents are nurtured in a caring and supportive community setting. It is important our residents feel a sense of security and unity within the college. Lead by the Director, Deputy Director and select Senior Residents (SRs), IH strives to develop a positive self-image, resilience and a feeling of belonging among all residents.

Each tower has an allocated Senior Resident who provides personal and confidential support to ensure the well-being of residents under their care.