Minh Le Quang, Vietnam

My first year at IH was awesome there was a bunch of events and the vibes were so good, yeah I love IH so much. I made a lot of friends here, at all the dinners, breakfasts and lunches, and I went to the movies with them all the time and I enjoy the activities. People are so nice from the staff to the residents, the food is tasty, you can have a great real-life experience at IH. 




Brittany Lewis, USA, (2018)

I found true cultural immersion at International House. It flows through the hallways, it explodes in your mouth with each meal, and it gleams from 220 smiling faces with unique stories behind them greeting you every day. I understand why it is the only residential college at UQ called a house because we are all one massive Housie family comprised of brothers and sisters who will grow and protect one another under the same roof and beyond, no matter where in the world we are.




Gunaseelalingam Gopalakrishnan, Malaysia, (2018-19)

I enjoy the convenience of staying on-campus and also all the friends I’ve made because when you come to a new country sometimes you don’t know many people, but at IH you’ll find a diverse community where you can quickly and easily make good friends and find study partners. Vegemite I haven’t tried it yet,  I always see it sitting on the IH counter but I’m very scared to try it, but Tim Tams these are one of Australia’s very best creations.  




Léa Lai Van, Nouméa, (2016-19)

I love the welcoming Brisbane people and the active outdoor lifestyle where I can go kitesurfing and wakeboarding – it’s like I’m living a dream!  I’ve enjoyed the best years of my life in Brisbane and Housies have become a second family to me. There is always something to do and someone to do it with at IH. It’s also great being on-campus and so close to everything you need.






Jose Gato, Australia, (2008-2011)

The contacts I’ve made through International House from staff to fellow Housies worldwide have helped me all through my career to get to where I am today working for ‘The Iconic’. Living at IH will always be one of the greatest decisions and experiences of my life!

Mitchelle Chigumira, Zimbabwe, (2017-18)

I found International House on the UQ internet and thought this is definitely going to be my home. I really love this place it’s so welcoming it felt like home immediately. It was really hard for me moving from Zimbabwe but the moment I arrived here IH made it easy for me. IH really helps you transition through Uni life so you’re not just thrown in the deep end, and I’ve gotten used to Brisbane because they help you know more about it, so it’s really fun. I enjoy the college food, it’s really good, very organic. IH is a place where gender, race, or your background are not seen, you are simply one family.





Daiki Suzuki, Japan, (2016-18)

I chose IH because I simply wanted to make many friends at university however I was not expecting the huge variety of leadership opportunities Housie life also offers. IH has strongly influenced me to be independent, responsible, challenging, and confident. There’s no doubt my IH experience helped me stand out and gain a Brisbane International Student Ambassadorship, appointed by the Lord Mayor Graham Quirk. I also believe IH professional contacts and skills assisted me in gaining my first job here in Australia. 


Sofia Stewart, Australia,

Three years at IH has been so amazing, I’ve just met so many different people from around the world and Australia and made friends for life really.

Benjamin Wiesner, Germany, (2017-19)

Although I am a domestic student, I lived in Germany for over 15 years and that’s where I consider home. I grew up quite multiculturally and hence, could have never landed anywhere else but at IH. I loved the atmosphere of multiculturalism and involvement from day one and I got so much out of this college just by coming to the events. What distinguishes IH most is that we are very diverse and culturally inclusive, I get to meet people from all corners of the world and hear their stories.





Georgia Esplin, Australia

IH has influenced me to think open-mindedly. With so many cultures in the one space, I’ve learned to be very culturally sensitive. Being an exec has allowed me to meet more people and have a positive impact on their first experience at college. The renovations make a big difference, especially when it comes to the upgrade from a single to a king single bed. But my favourite thing is still the welcoming vibe that I got from IH as soon as I started.



Amanda Maniscalco, USA, (2017)

Brisbane is absolutely amazing with friendly people, and living at IH let me experience the Australian culture but also allowed me to learn about others.  I was surrounded by students in similar situations to me, so they understood what I was going through and were always up to go exploring or on a trip somewhere. My favourite things about Housie life were eating toast and Tim Tams in the side kitchen, having great conversations at every hour of the day, and living in G Tower. I loved picking up Aussie sayings like “I’m keen”, the shortening of every word, and of course the Aussie accent. All the Housies are there for you and willing to help in every situation. If you ever need anything, your Housies have your back!


Danielle Montecalvo (’16)

I  just arrived home from Australia a few days ago and have reflected a bit on my experience living in IH this past semester. I just wanted to say thank you so much for fostering such a wonderful community full of so much diversity, support, and acceptance. I have learned so many things about myself and others from various cultures — more than any classroom could ever teach me (as I am pursuing an International Relations degree). I have expanded my perspective of the world and challenged myself to go out of my comfort zone in various capacities, whether it was trying a new sport, attending a cultural event different from my own, or sitting and engaging with new people each day during a meal. This community has given me friendships around the world and experiences beyond anything I could’ve ever imagined. I absolutely loved IH and everything the college embodies. I look forward to staying in touch and seeing how the college continues to grow and prosper over the years. I hope to visit sometime soon! Once A Housie, Always A Housie

Rahul Rajsabhai (’16)

I’ve been blessed to meet people from all over the world, and I’m definitely sustaining some of the many relationships I’ve built here. Thank you for bringing IH to where it is today, and I’m eager to watch her grow.