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International House

Welcome To Student Club

What is the International House Student Club? 


The Student Club organises college social events, enters teams in a sporting and cultural competition against the other UQ colleges, organises Soirée and Bandfest (which you can read more about in other sections of this website), is part of the Inter College Council (ICC), writes a newsletter (Jen) and a yearbook (Kanyana) and represents the residents on the International House Board of Management. IHSC also runs a "shop”. 


The Student Club is an incorporated association, and holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year, where the main positions for the following year are elected. The IHSC Special General Meeting (SGM) is held at the start of each new year and new residents have the opportunity to become involved in various committees. 


Student Club creates an enjoyable and sociable atmosphere to provide ways for residents to participate in events and discover their true potential and is an avenue for residents to voice their ideas of what college life should be like.


Every resident of International House automatically becomes a member of the International House Student Club (IHSC).