Hi Housies, this is Minh. Yes, you have seen this guy somewhere. I am your Cross-Cultural Convenor and also your Resident Activities Coordinator (RAC)! My role as RAC is to further boost the cross-cultural part of International House (IH).

2019 will be packed with events including, Cultural Festivals (Chinese, American, Indian etc.), casual language classes, international games, music, and of course lots of Aussie experiences too.

Housies will also be able to sign up for exciting Brisbane excursions to explore your new city. Look out for flyers or posters in the Dining Hall and decorations around IH to know what’s on.

There are tonnes of things to plan for, so I always need help from you, Housies! If you are keen to organise events, learn about different cultures, share your national customs, and simply have fun, just call me on 0405834647 or come talk to me and together we will make IH super cool!

The more you put in, the more you get out! Try to participate as much as you can because you will have precious memories as a Housie. Be proud to tell people that I’m a Housie!”

See you all soon…
Residential Activities Coordinator (RAC)

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