Senior Residents (SRs) and the IH Student Club (IHSC) Executive mingled with Board of Management (BOM) members, IH Foundation (IHF) Board members, and IH administration staff at the P-Week ”Meet and Greet”.

The annual event is a traditional welcome ceremony to formally recognise the incoming student leaders.

Director, Dr Carla Tromans presented our Housie student leaders with their official name badges, a small gift from IH, and the SRs received a custom design shirt with a Black and Gold Indigenous theme, to mark their service in 2018.

Later Carla and Deputy Director, Yohan Nair whisked the Housies off for P-Week boot camp.

Bunking down at Lake Moogerah the IHSC Execs and SRs battled lots of mud, tyre and rope courses, challenged themselves abseiling and engaged in fierce but fun laser tag warfare, all in the name of bolstering Housie team spirit and building a stronger, resilient senior leadership.



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