IH Annual Appeal Form

You can help us support other residents like Hannah.

At International House, we strive to keep college affordable, diverse and inclusive to give the Housies of today, every opportunity to develop, achieve and succeed in the world of tomorrow.

It is your support that enables IH to be more than just a place to live.

You can make a tax-deductible gift via:

Direct Debit:

Account Name: International House Foundation Ltd
Branch: ANZ UQ St Lucia
BSB: 014-281
Account No: 205799864
Reference: AA18 + Your Surname

Phone: by contacting the Advancement Team on +61 07 3721 2485

Post: a copy of the completed IH Annual Appeal Form to International House, 1/5 Rock St, St Lucia, QLD 4067

North American Gifts:  Alumni and friends in North America can make a tax-deductible gift to International House by selecting ‘other’ and specifying ‘International House’ through The University of Queensland in America Inc (TUQiA).

Donations over $2 to International House Foundation Ltd are tax deductible in Australia & North America.

Donors of IH

International House appreciates every gift made by donors, whatever the value. We acknowledge the generosity of our supporters in a number of different ways including through Donor Newsletters, Thank you cards, Progress Updates and face-to-face meeting's with residents who will benefit from your generosity. Thank you to all of our donors who in the past year have continued to enable the work that International House does.
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Steven Skala AO ('75)Francesca Arcidiacono ('01-03)Deidre Brandon (Bert & Muriel Martin's Daughter & IH Friend)Meryl McKenzie (BOM President) Satish Maganlal ('76-77)Alison Overland ('82-84)Dr Donna O'Sullivan ('74-75)Rotary Club of Toowong
Mr Liew Ah Choy ('65-70) and Alice Gan Natalie Okawa ('05-06)Dr Neil & Margaret Holm (Past Directors and IH Fellows) Bruce McKenzie (IH Friend) Bruce & Bev Manser ('70-74)Jill Charlton (IH Staff) Anna-Riita Ovaska ('82-83)Rotary Club of Ashgrove/The Gap
Scott Winch Constructions (Contractor) Joel Young (IH Friend) Jack Thomas ('07-08)Julia Adams ('99-'00)Dr Peter Holloway ('80-82)Class of 2014Andrew Sloan ('03-04)Rotary Club of Brisbane Planetarium
John Castle ('69-70)Simon Madin (IH Friend) Yohan & Carrie Nair (IH Staff)Naomi Garske ('88-90)Anne JonesLaura Stokes (IH Staff and IH Alumnus) Graeme Orr ('84-87)District 9600
Gan Chiew Thong ('80-81)Noel Young (IH Friend) Christie Murray (IH Friend)Dr Jennifer Graff ('79-80)Mary and Tony Stokes (IH Parents) Fraser Orford ('08-11)Sugath Wijedoru ('96-98)Rotary Club of Redcliffe Sunrise
Dr Carla Tromans (IH Director)Peter Young (IH Friend) Alfred Van Kalken (IH Friend) Peter Forday ('82-85)Kelsie Herbert ('11-13)Sally Newman ('96)Dr Carla Tromans (IH Director)
Dr Bill Tranter ('71-75)Andrea Harris (IH Friend) Paul Tapper (IH Friend) Melanie Wilkins ('87-90)Mark Fenton (IHF Board Member) Mary & Tony Stokes (IH Friend) Rotary Club of Hamilton
Geoff McGlashan (Board of Management) & Alison Kirra Young (IH Friend) Eugene White ('77-78)Associate Professor Frank Agbola (Past IH Staff Member) Peta Irvine (Chair - IHF Board) Jim Elliott ('72-76)Laura Stokes (IH Staff & IH Alumnus)
Chris Leon (IHF Board Member) Tarli Young ('02-03) Shayne Herriott (IH Friend) Laura Stokes (IH Staff & IH Alumnus)
Hon. Justice Jeffrey Spender (IH Fellow & IH Alumnus '65-68)Laura Stokes (IH Staff & IH Alumnus) Stephen Kirby (IH Friend)
Dr John Teh AM ('65-66)Andrew Sloan ('03-04)Janet and John Lawrence (IH Friend)
Dr Neil & Margaret Holm (Past Directors and IH Fellows) Jan & Greg Cater (IH Friend) Allan Stroud (IH Friend)
Karen Gibson (Board of Management) Annabelle Vaughan ('04-05)Julia Stokes (IH Friend)
Frank Randle ('73-75)Eddie Harran ('03-05)Geoff & Allison McGlashan (BOM)
Frank & Swan Halim ('78-81)Zoe Samuels ('03-04)Rebahuti Chaliha (IH Resident)
Mark Burnham (Board of Management) Deborah Kennedy ('04) Bill Brown (Past IHFB Director)
Line Axelsen (IH Staff) Dian Stround (IH Friend)
Graham Thomson (IH Fellow) John Boyd (IH Alumnus '65-68)
Dr Ian Keys ('65-66)Rotary Club of Ashgrove/The Gap
Ernest van Bruuen ('83-84)Rotary Club of Brisbane Planetarium
Raylene Rasmussen ('87)David Baguley ('67-70)
James Robertson ('93)Julie Hornibrook (IH Friend)
Dr Leighton Cochran ('76-78)
Keng Yuen Leong ('69-72)
Dr Donald O'Donoghue (Past member of BOG)
Hironari Noguchi ('96)
Kathryn Marshall ('69-70)
Jane Milburn (BOM)
Weit Pruim ('87-89) Sandy Pruim ('89-73)
Peter Gibson (BOM Deputy Chair and IH Alumnus '75-78) and Karen Gibson (1976-78)
Dr John and Jan Morrison (Past BOM President)
Kris Welling ('81-84)
Robert Moffatt AM (BOM)
Graham & Marie Morgan-Kleinman (IH Staff)
Dr Beverley Angus ('76-79)
Sherry Zhang (IH Staff)
Yukiko Kelly (IH Staff)
John Boyd (IH Fellow)
Jo Ahern (IHFB)
Dr Phillip Waugh ('67-68)
John Castle ('69-70)
Kwok Yen Wong ('85-88)
Fani Putri ('13-14)
Jean-Sebastien Boulanger ('02)
Cynthia Rattazzo ('98-99)
Greg Peters ('00-04)
Anne Gribbon
Andrew Sloan ('03-04)
Brian Hirschfeld (IH Fellow)
Scott Humphries (IH Contractor)