We believe exceptional students deserve an exceptional education, regardless of life’s circumstances.

  • Scholarships are an investment in our future leaders – enriching our entire community.
  • Scholarships reduce financial pressure and the need for students to seek alternative funding support.
  • Scholarships allow students to become tomorrow’s leaders, regardless of their current economic means.
  • To a student, receiving a Scholarship says to them – their hard work and dedication are acknowledged.
  • Giving the gift of a Scholarships can literally change someone’s life.
  • Every dollar given to a Scholarship goes directly to a student.

Living and learning at International House can be made available to residents from all backgrounds and means.

Our ultimate grand goal is to have an endowment fund specifically for scholarships, meaning guaranteed perpetuity and scholarship funding.

A scholarship endowment fund means any exceptional student admitted to International House, would be able to accept a place, even if they could not otherwise afford to do so. To do this we need your help. Please join us by contributing to scholarships which can ensure International House remains accessible to all people.

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